Landscaping progress

Getting Greener All The Time

Landscaping by Growing Spaces is near completion across the Terraces and is well underway on the Central Terraces.

Paving works are largely finished across the Terraces and concrete for the main entry path and driveway has been poured. The carpark is now ready to use.

North, Central and West Terraces

North, Central & West Terrace units have had architectural sign off and have passed Council’s final inspections.

The Rise and Green Terraces

The Green Terraces are entering the final stages and are very close to completion. Work on The Rise has progressed well with the roof structure complete and ceiling and gib linings complete up to level 7.

Concrete is about to be poured at the front of The Rise and work is about to begin on the main Atrium. By the beginning of May the Atrium and landscaping in The Green should look spectacular.

The Rise and Green Terraces are scheduled for completion at the end of July 2020.

Growing Spaces have made impressive progress. More than half of the landscaping work across Union Green is in place. Birch and citrus trees have been planted across the North and West Terraces and the vertical wall planter boxes have been installed with creepers ready for the green screens. Before long Union Green’s lush landscaping will turn heads with its communal parkland.