Meet Maddy & Chris

The success of Union Green is founded upon the individuals that plan to call it home - and we are excited to turn this development into a reality for them. With 90% of properties already sold, we wanted to celebrate the Union Green community by speaking with future residents about what inspired their purchase, and what differentiated Union Green from the rest of the market. First up, we speak with Auckland-based first home buyers Maddy & Chris.

How long have you been in the property market for?

We began looking for our first home around 5 months ago.

Tell me about your home buying experience? What properties have you been looking at to date? And where?

At first it was really exciting to fill up our weekends with open homes and tense auctions, but we were starting to get buyer-fatigue. We were originally looking at 3 bedroom villas in the Ponsonby, Grey Lynn and Westmere areas.

How did you hear about Union Green?

We saw lots of promotion for Union Green on social media, there was quite a buzz around it. Then someone convinced us to go in to the Display Suite and take a look for ourselves.

What stood out about Union Green? What was different and special?

The design! It stood out as a property development that made a real effort to create high quality spaces. Plus the names and companies involved were of a really high standard – we were impressed! It helped to hear that the majority of people who had bought so far were owner-occupiers.

How would you describe the experience buying off the plan at Union Green?

It was all so easy. We saw the Suite for the first time on the Sunday and had signed the contract by Wednesday morning. The agent was really helpful and the developer was willing to make the changes we requested.

Which property within the development did you purchase?

We are proud owners of a 2 Bedroom + 1 Study apartment on the eleventh floor.

What are your occupations and where are you based?

Chris works for a bank in the CBD and Maddy is an IT Marketing Manager, also situated in the CBD. Our entire lives revolve around the central city/Ponsonby area. So it’s nice to be so close.

What style of architecture and design are you interested in?

We’re both pretty open to new styles of interior design and a lot more interested now that we have a new home to decorate soon. Chris is especially keen on the native NZ plants incorporated in the design.

What do you think living in Auckland’s innercity will be like in two years time?

Auckland’s inner city has improved tenfold over the last five years so let’s hope that continues! We’ll see more cultural events being held in the various venues, along with continued growth in the hospitality sector, so no shortage of a place to stop for a drink. The increasing number of people living in the city will drive this change.

What are you most looking forward to when you think about moving into Union Green?

Ease of lifestyle, views, no traffic, neighbours, local restaurants, walking to work etc? Waking up to the beautiful view, and entertaining friends and family in a place we can be proud of.

What do you imagine a great weekend while living at Union Green will include?

It would have to include meals at some of our favourite inner-city cafes and restaurants. Our weekdays are pretty busy usually so we like to relax on the weekends, nights in on the couch with that view!

What will be the first thing you’ll purchase to put in your new home?

Wine glasses and a big comfy couch!