Fittings, Appliances, Finishes

Details of the original appliances, fittings, fixtures, finishes and their care instruction are available in the Residents Portal in the Library look for As-Built Fittings, Appliances, Finishes file.

Contact details for the suppliers and best people to talk to regarding repairs or warranties are also in the App in the Business Directory under Suppliers

Blinds, Outdoor Furniture & Washing

Anything visible from common areas must be clean, tidy and in a colour/style that compliments the complex as a whole so we can preserve the visual appeal of Union Green. 

Choose neutral tones and premium finishes, and dry your washing where it is not visible.

Air Circulation

All units are fitted with air circulation systems. The main switch is labelled "Fan" and usually just inside the front entrance. This ensures circulation between rooms. 

There are externally vented systems in the bathroom and laundry were you will find other "Fan" switches in each of those rooms.  

Internet connection box

You will usually find this inside one of the bedroom wardrobes.

Fire alarm silence button

If you have pets (or humans) that are sensitive to loud noises there is a button by your front door that will silence an alarm. Please do still evacuate the building when an alarm sounds. 

TIP: Terrace Doors

If you're having trouble locking your door in a Terrace it could be because you need to lift the handle up prior to turning your key or the inside lock. 


Any renovations, improvements or changes you make should first be approach by the  Body Corporate. If you are considering making changes to your unit please contact us early by lodging a Maintenance Request for a Approval for Planned building or renovations.

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