Residents Portal

Our portal (Mybos) provides tools and info for residents including - book your move in/out, book loading zones or lift, log issues, find BC rules, manage keys/access, supplier directory and more.

Mybos is available to owners and renters to make life easier!!

Try the App

For a better experience of the Residents Portal on mobile devices try downloading the Mybos app

Reporting Issues

Use the Maintenance Request option in the Residents Portal to report any issues promptly and add a photo. Whether it’s a car parking, maintenance, noise, damage cleaning or any issue please report it immediately. It’s really easy and helps building management stay on top of issues.

Essential Info

For everything you need to know about living at Union Green; including:

  • Security

  • Deliveries (incl mailroom access code)

  • Rubbish Collection

  • Bike Cage

  • Booking Amenities

  • Power & Water

  • Regular Maintenance (e.g. window washing & weeding)

  • The people that manage Union Green

About your unit

What are all the fittings, appliances, and finishes? How do key systems work?

  • Fitting, Finishes & Appliances (incl user manuals)

  • Blinds, Outdoor Furniture & Washing

  • Air Circulation

  • Internet connection box

  • Fire Alarm Silence Button

  • Renovations

Body Corporate Rules

A full set of rules can be found in the Residents Portal in the Library section.

Can I have a pet?

Yes pets are welcome at Union Green. Just fill out a this Pet Application. 

Adding a storage locker 

We have space to install additional storage lockers.

If you would like to buy one please apply here. 

Adding a heat pump

Yes you can add a heat pump. To maintain the integrity and quality of the building and to effectively manage installation, repair and warranty we have a process and preferred supplier. 

If you want to add a heat pump please complete this application.

Buying hallway-ends

If you have a corner unit in The Rise you may have the option to purchase the hallway in front of your unit to integrate into your apartment.

This is still under consultation with the Committee but it is intended that Sale proceeds will be used in fund other common area improvement projects.

If you are interested please let us know: 

Body Corporate Managers

Strata Title Admin are our BC Managers. They help the BC Committee made up of owners keep Union Green running smoothly, including running Committee Meetings, Annual General Meetings and managing our finances. 

You can access Meeting Minutes, Financial Statements and other information via their portal. 


Roger Ogilvy
Roger Ogilvy

Mark Opida
Mark Opida

Our Team

Our experienced building management team are here for any urgent matters. The Residents App should be the first method of logging issues as they can be more easily tracked and managed.

(09) 553 4557