Everything you need to know about everyday living at Union Green. If there is anything you can't find please contact Building Management at management@obms.nz or 09 553 4557.


Most apartment building break-ins result simply from someone following a resident through an entrance before the door closes fully or acting as if they lost their swipe card.  Please do your part:

  • Pause to check the door closes behind you

  • Don't letting anyone in without a swipe card

  • Report anyone that enters without a swipe card to Build Management immediately

  • Don't leave unsecured items in the carpark

  • Don't leave parcels in lobbies or visible areas


We have a secure Mailroom available to all residents in the ground floor lobby of the Rise. For the access code go to the Residents Portal in the Library (swipe card access coming soon). 

Local courier drivers should already know how to access the Mailroom. Terrace residents should specify in delivery instructions if they want items delivered to the mailroom rather than their unit. Please ensure no deliveries are left in the lobby area as this is less secure. 

If there are any issues please contact Building Management. 

Rubbish Collection

Our Rubbish Room is located on B2 by the main access gates to the carpark. We are a green building and do our best to dispose of waste responsibly. There are facilities for: 

  • Cardboard

  • Recycling

  • Food Scraps

  • General Waste

Inorganic collections are arranged semi-frequently by Building Management and will be announced in advance. At other times you will need to use a paid service.

Bike Cage

There is secure bike storage on B1 which requires swipe card access. It is equipped with tamper proof alarms and video surveillance. 

Regular Maintenance

Maintenance involves workers abseiling from the roof, and may require you to move your vehicle or outdoor furniture. You will be notified in advance of:

  • Window Washing

  • Building Washing

  • Carpark Washing

  • Planter Weeding

If you notice any issues please report it via the Residents Portal as a  Maintenance Request

Booking Amenities

All amenities can be booked in the Residents Portal.

Parking: We have four loading zones that can be used for movers, cleaners, or other contractors. These are not for use as guest parking. 

Lifts: Lifts can be locked off to assist with moving. Ensure the protective lift pads are used. 

Workshop: There is a workshop on B1 which is used primarily by Building Management but can also be used by residents.

Water & Power

Our Body Corporate manages its own power and water infrastructure to reduce costs to residents.

Tenco manage our water billing on behalf of the Body Corporate. You should automatically receive water bills however you can contact them at service@tenco-ebs.co.nz if you have queries.

Power works as usual, just signup with your chosen retail provider. As we manage infrastructure rather than Vector you will not receive an Entrust Dividend however cost savings will be passed onto you via reduced body corporate levies. 

The people that manage Union Green

The Union Green Body Corporate includes a few key roles: 

Building Manager - OBMS: Roger, Mark and their team manage building related issues such as maintenance, repairs, noise complaints, keys, and overseeing cleaning and gardening. Contact them is by logging issues via the Residents Portal. 

Body Corp Committee: A group of unit owners that volunteer their time to make Union Green a better place to live. They are delegated to make decisions on behalf of all owners: including improvement projects, pet/heat pump/locker/hallway applications and much more. 

Body Corporate Managers - Strata Title: Kyle O'Reilly acts on behalf of all owns to help appoint and run a sound BC Committee, hold Annual General Meetings, manage our finances, pay bills and more.  

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