Union Green is Pet Friendly but we do require a responsible pet ownership and due care towards common property and other residents. Therefore our Body Corporate Rules (section 12) require prior approval of the Body Corporate Committee.

Owners - Please complete the below form. You are ultimately responsible for all residents in your unit including the 4 legged ones. You will need to agree to a declaration about your responsibilities. 

Tenants - Please ask your landlord or property manager to complete this form if you wish to have a pet.  

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Application Submitted. We will review your application and be in contact as soon as possible.

Owner Declaration

By completing this form I agree to the following conditions, should consent be granted:

1. the pet will be under effective control or on a lead at all times on the common property.

2. all soiling or damage to common property by the pet will be promptly cleaned and/or repaired by the pet-owner, this includes common gardens.

3. pet-owners will ensure that their pet is desexed and up-to-date with all vaccinations, flea treatments, worm treatments etc.

4. pet-owner will ensure a multiple dog owners licence is obtained and kept valid with Auckland Council for more than one dog in a dwelling

5. should the animal move out or pass away, consent for a replacement must be requested

6. should any noise or disruption be reported by other residents, or should any of the above conditions be breached, consent for a particular pet will be revoked, and the pet-owner will have twenty-one (21) days to arrange for their pet to reside elsewhere