Building a safer, greener, vibrant community

Our active Body Corporate Committee and residents are passionate about  making Union Green an even better place to live. Our long-term plans include undertaking a number of projects that aim to enhance our green leafy environment, architectural design, community spirit and environmental sustainability.

Landscaping and common areas

Our most significant project is a multi-year investment to transform common property. Extensive planting, cobblestones, and landscaping features to the exterior and architectural elements and greenery to lobby areas. 

Community Cafe

We are seeking a suitable operator to partner with us to create a vibrant community hub for local residents and visitors. 

Water recycling

We’re exploring various options including reusing waste water and collecting rain water for watering our extensive gardening irrigation needs. 


Enhancing our existing systems to create a safe and secure community whilst also adding convenience (such as Bluetooth proximity access). 


Exploring solar solutions to power common property energy needs and building on existing energy efficiencies such as smart lighting, and managing our own infrastructure. 

EV Charging

Implementing a range of EV charging solutions to ensure our infrastructure evolves with EV adoption over time.